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Qualifications & Background


  • Baccalaureate degree (BA) in Psychology from Trinity Western University, 1998.
  • Masters degree (MA) in Counselling Psychology from City University, 2001.
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors - Reg# 1884
  • Past member, City University MA Counselling Psychology Advisory Board


Scott is in his early 60's, has been married for almost 40 years and is the father of four and grandfather of four. He worked for over a decade in the warehouse trucking industry prior to his career in counselling. In the early 1990's Scott found himself in the grip of depression, questioning his values, spirituality, goals, talents, and the vocational track his life was taking. He explored these issues in counselling and after an intense season of personal struggle and growth, he decided that part of his life's purpose was to be a helper to others. This was a life changing decision resulting in a profound midlife transition. In 1995 he began his education to become a professional clinical counsellor. As I am sure you can guess, this is a much more involved story than the few sentences above suggest.

In 2001 Scott obtained his MA in counselling psychology and his membership with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. He then spent several years employed with a community agency providing counselling services in the areas of addictions and family violence. In 2004 he opened his private practice and has been practicing fulltime since 2005.

Both his personal and professional journeys have brought Scott face to face with clinical depression. This is an area of human experience that he finds great meaning in engaging with, as people liberate themselves from depression's grip or learn from the dark night of the soul.

Scott has specific training in assisting people in finding freedom from addiction(s) including substance misuse and behavioral "addictions" such as gambling, internet, sex, shopping. He worked extensively in this area in the early part of his career. He is familiar with the 12 Steps but also supports people in finding freedom through the use of other creative ideas and effective practices that heal the past, and reconnect people with their own knowledge, wisdom, and strength.

He also has experience working in the area of family violence, for several years providing group therapy with men who had used violence in intimate relationships and, what is most often referred to as, anger management. This training has sharpened his awareness for domination and control dynamics in relationships. Scott brings respect, accountability, and compassion to his work with men and is committed to assisting men in liberating themselves from the ideas and behaviors that limit men's lives and bring hurt to the women they care for. Both men and women report that they find his approach helpful and truly empowering.

Scott also spent many years supporting adults with developmental disabilities. This experience fostered a deep appreciation for the uniqueness and value of all persons, for the immense challenges some families face, and for the profound acts of care and love that go unnoticed in our communities. These experiences make Scott well suited to assist couples in finding their way through the challenging adjustments and, often burdensome, cultural expectations for being a "normal" family.

Spirituality has been a lifelong passion for Scott. He spent many years involved in a local church and reflects on his own journey as one filled with ups, downs, confusion, answers, and curious wanderings and adventures. He brings a keen appreciation for the diverse ways in which people understand life and create meaning in their lives upon a foundation of sacred beliefs or religious ideals. He also sees the incredible resource that communities of faith can be, as sources of belonging, friendship and support. Scott wholeheartedly invites clients to bring their spiritual or religious ideas into the process of healing and growth. His role as counsellor is not to tell people what to believe, but to assist them in exploring their own path.

Scott sees himself as a lifelong learner and student of life, and is constantly exploring and expanding his own consciousness and personhood. He also participates in ongoing professional development and training, and meets monthly with colleagues for professional supervision and support.

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